Visiting Regina SK. in August for our Luncheon with Bluelime Contractors

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As we do every year, Bluelime insists on taking the time to say thank you to our contractors for all of their hard work and efforts. 

This year, to keep it small and personal, some of our members of the Bluelime team visited Regina, Sk. to treat our contractors to lunch including, Darrell Brand, VP of our Western Canada office, Sheena Devine, Regional Manager of our Western Canada office, Josh Dawson, Director of Recruitment for Bluelime Enterprises Inc. in Toronto and Leann Turner, Marketing Manager for Bluelime Enterprises Inc. Toronto. 

We all enjoyed a delicious lunch and friendly conversation at The Hotel Saskatchewan. All of our contractors were there to enjoy and appreciated the thank you and recognition for their hard work and efforts through the year. 

In true Bluelime fashion, this years luncheon was a success and the team looks forward to visiting Regina again next summer! 

Thank you once again to our contractors for all of their hard work and for being valuable members to the Bluelime team. 

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