Project Based Contracting Service

Bluelime is 100% focused on delivery of qualified, professionally certified Engineers, Project Managers, Construction Managers and IT Professionals.  We do this at a fraction of the cost, typically saving $100,000 per person, per year on each project in contrast the extraordinary costs of staff augmenting through an Engineering, Construction or IT Professional Services firm. In addition, this is done without sacrificing, but increasing the level of expertise on each and every one of your projects.

Our team follows a structured methodology with the core centered on your project needs. No matter the scope, size, or location, we will deliver the results as if we were part of your organization.

Bluelime ensures the utmost professional training and certifications to all our resources and consultants and carries the same level of insurance as IT Professional, Engineering or Construction Services firms to limit all risks.

In short, we have the ability to increase your skilled, professionally designated Engineers, Developers, PMs, etc. and professional staff for each project while increasing your savings and ensuring timelines are met.  In most cases we have saved clients over a million dollars per project. Call us to find out how at 416-588-BLUE (2583).

Bluelime is your cost saving staffing partner, strengthening relationships and revenue, year-after-year.