Bluelime Managed Services

Managed Recruitment Provider
For any company, winning a new project can come with a lot of great opportunities but can also come with many headaches. Not only to staff a large project, but to take care of all the smaller aspects along with it, can drain into your company’s budget, time and resources.
The best way to utilize Bluelime is by signing on to our Managed Recruitment Services Program (MSP). Our team will come in and work with your company one-on-one to develop the best way to achieve your organizations goals. We want to make things easier for you not only for your projects sake but for your budgets as well.
Once we have the appropriate information, we will then manage all of the hiring processes for contingent labour, risk free, while keeping in mind the goals of your organization, your budget and most importantly, the company ROI.

Retained Services

Keeping our focus to saving clients’ money, Bluelime has developed a monthly retained program to allow our clients to pay a fixed, monthly price for unlimited hires.
This program allows us to grow with our clients and create an intimate relationship with them. Our monthly structure is flexible and is mutually agreed upon based on growth rate and expectancies. Often monthly fees are equal and less than our normal market fees for one contingency, but allows for unlimited hires.
Utilizing our extensive network of qualified candidates, our focus is to find the right hire for you and your project needs.

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

Using an RPO means freedom and relief, allowing an organization to focus on the projects’ end result. There are many different benefits for using an RPO including viewing a larger quantity of qualified and skilled clients, consistent support throughout the process, and using an RPO is less-expensive then direct hiring.
Our Bluelime team will do all of the work from screening the candidates, payroll services, hiring and more. Call today to speak to exclusively with one of our recruiters, 416-588-BLUE (2583).